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Capital Dredge Parts

Your used parts and tools are new working capital. CDP is a digital facilitated marketplace where your company can exchange any used and unused parts & components. We function like a trading platform: We actively match supply and demand for both parts, components & services.

Our product range of used dredge parts

Capital Dredge Parts is a digital marketplace specialized in parts for dredging projects. We have a wide product range when it comes to used dredge parts. Our product range consists of dredge pumps, hydraulic components, cutters, water pumps, dredge valves and more! 


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Production Measuring Box

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Dop 3025

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Boosterstation BS300

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Brushless Generator Set

  • Specific Dredging knowledge
    Both of the ships, equipment, but also the operational knowledge of dredging.
  • Extensive Network
    Suppliers, consultants, contractors and shipyards and logistics solutions.
  • Engineering services
    For new engineered products from existing components.