Capital Dredge Parts
Capital Dredge Parts
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Capital Dredge Parts

Turn your used and unused parts & components into working capital.
At the moment, stock management costs represent a significant part of the total costs of a company. By offering your surplus parts, components, and equipment on the marketplace you will get paid for them instead of paying to get rid of them.

Our Philosophy


  • Achieve your sustainability goals ! Is sustainability an integral part of your mission and policy? With CPD you can source and sell your used and unused parts in a profitable and sustainable way.
  • Reviving of components and systems used at construction and dredging projects for new purposes.
  • To use our expertise and experience of the industry to increase the circular approach of tools and equipment in the dredging & construction industry. 
About us - Our Philosophy
About us - The concept

The Concept


Capital Dredge Parts is the digital marketplace for all kinds of dredge parts and systems used in the dredging and maritime industry. Our marketplace  is an ideal location to sell & buy surplus spare parts and special purpose systems and turn these parts into working capital again. Special purpose systems ( built for specific project requirements) can be dismantled by your own team or our service engineers and all relevant parts ( hydraulic pumps, cylinders, complete power units, winches etc) can be sold separately in order to prevent sharing knowledge of the specific project equipment.

  • Specific Dredging knowledge
    Both of the ships, equipment, but also the operational knowledge of dredging.
  • Extensive Network
    Suppliers, consultants, contractors and shipyards and logistics solutions.
  • Engineering services
    For new engineered products from existing components.