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Parts availability

Present times require flexibility and cash friendly solutions. Over the years we have seen that networks, availibility of parts and local services are vital to keep the dredging industry going. Over time we have worked with a lot of trusted companies and suppliers all over the world. Providing you the opportunity to make use of our extensive network.

Putting the platform to work

Due to the recent developments the global supply has become more difficult. We depend on people and logistics now more then ever. We have always collaborated with people in our network in the realization of projects. With the realization of the platform we can provide you with even more solutions then before when it comes to acquiring dredging parts. Putting our platform to work helps us in supporting your and our business by bringing parts online and started to bring networks together.

Parts availability - Putting the platform to work
Parts availability - Connecting the right people

Connecting the right people

The platform connects the right people when it comes to dredging. This consists of bringing people together in order to secure certain dredging parts and selling your inventory that is no longer in service. We also have a wide network with service companies that can provide you with assistance in different places in the world. Besides these options we offer several services that provide you with additional support.

  • Engineered Service: Our Engineered Service supports customers with the design and creation of specialized equipment. The specialized equipment is made of used or new parts from stock.
  • Local Service: We offer a local service which is presently available in the Netherlands, Canada and the United States.

Benefit from the advantages

The platform and our services lead to several advantages that you benefit from. It leads to shorter lead times and lower costs. Our wide network provides you with flexibility and the possibility when using the local service. We have all the components to make it work. From in-house to design partnerships, loyal suppliers of parts and components and trusted manufacturers.

Parts availability - Benefit from the advantages
Parts availability - About Capital Dredge Parts

About Capital Dredge Parts

Capital Dredge Parts is an experienced player in the field of the dredging industry for the maritime sector and has the knowledge and network to obtain dredge parts. Would you like to know more about Capital Dredge Parts and dredge parts? Please get in touch with Capital Dredge Parts!

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  • Specific Dredging knowledge
    Both of the ships, equipment, but also the operational knowledge of dredging.
  • Extensive Network
    Suppliers, consultants, contractors and shipyards and logistics solutions.
  • Engineering services
    For new engineered products from existing components.