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Sales assistance & search

Help you sell your acces stock

Turning your acces stock into a sale? Or in need of a specific part that is difficult to find? We can offer a solutions with our Sales Assistance & Search service. Sales assistance provides you with support when there are parts you want to sell. A expert will provide you with support by conducting a inspection of the parts.

Looking voor a specific part?

When you are not looking to sell parts but are searching for an specific part you can use our Search service. We will use our expertise, network and capacity in search for the component.

View here our current stock of used dredging parts.

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Sales assistance & search - Algemeen Sales Assistance & Search
Sales assistance & search - Voordelen van Sales Assistance & Search

The benefits of Sales Assistance & Search

Sales assistance & Search provides support with the selling of parts and the search for specific components through a reliable and experienced partner when in comes to dredging. You benefit from:

  • Specific knowledge of the dredging sector
  • Our broad network
  • Engineering service
  • Immidiate follow-up
  • Track record of achieved innovations

This is why you choose for us

We have a broad network of suppliers, consultants, contractors and yards which can be put to use in search of parts that are hard to come by. Due to our experience we have extensive knowledge of the vessels, equipment and operational procedures when it comes to dredging. We can engineer new products from existing components. Read here more about us

How does it work?

Sales Assistance: If you are looking for support with the sale of your parts, all you have to do is get in touch with us. A appointment is made with an expert who will carry out a inspection, providing you with a better chance to sell the parts.

Search: When the parts you are looking for can't be found on our platform we can also do a search using our connections. We will do a thorough search and report back to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the lead time for finding a component?
The lead time to find a component depends on the type of component. We can, however, assure you that we will try to find the component as soon as possible using our connections with hundreds of companies.

What are the fees when Capital Dredge Parts searches for a specific component?
We can do a search based on a sales fee or based on an hourly rate. 

Sales assistance & search - Procedure Sales assistance & Search
Sales assistance & search - contact sales assistance & search

Get in touch with us

Want to know more about our Sales Assistance & Search service? Please get in touch with us.

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  • Specific Dredging knowledge
    Both of the ships, equipment, but also the operational knowledge of dredging.
  • Extensive Network
    Suppliers, consultants, contractors and shipyards and logistics solutions.
  • Engineering services
    For new engineered products from existing components.