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Customer Care, competitive pricing, short lead times and high quality products & service are essential for us. We are able to support you both with parts & components, but we could also support you with new engineered tools. Revive your unused parts into innovative solutions with our expertise.

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Trading Service

We distinguish two typical parts, 1. Standard parts and 2. Special Project Tools.  Placement of your parts on our platform is free. Prior to placement a sales fee will be discussed, but will only be effective after a successful deal. 

Standard Parts can be either new or used parts, which do not have a future within your company apart from being stockpiled (known or even unknown to the system). Both contractors and suppliers are both welcome to sell these parts at our platform.

Special project tools are dedicated tools and equipment, which are designed for a specific purpose on a project location. After their operational duty, these tools can be still valuable for your own company or beyond. The special project tool could be dismantled and all individual parts could be sold individually or with some re-engineering used for other projects of your company. 

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Services - Trading Service
Services - Sales assistance & search

Sales assistance & search

CDP offers a transparent trading platform by connecting supply and demand, where seller is responsible for the sales process.  

For large parts and special equipment inspections are essential to manage expectations at both ends. CPD is able to arrange these inspections carried by independent technical experts and surveyors. Subject to the project location, these inspection can be either carried out by local experts in order to reduce the travel expenses or by experts from The Netherlands or directly from the OEM supplier.

 When a client is looking for specific components a search can be placed on the platform. A physical search can also be carried out by the CDP team against a sales fee or against a hourly rate.

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Parts inventory & strategic stock management

In case clients do not have sufficient capacity for stock management, being to stock, to register on a digital platform, CDP can support you. CDP uses their own technology and registers all parts in a special database. The database can be easily connected with the platform (only visible for your company)  in order to share the data with your own company.

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Services - Parts inventory & strategic stock management
Services - Handling & Storage

Handling & Storage

CDP is able to support clients by assisting with the both handling & storage.  Certain clients do not want to have their peers on their premises, when selling their used parts. Feel free to ask for a quotation. The maximum period of storage is limited to 6 months in order to prevent blocking the supply chain. In case the parts have not been sold within this 6 months period, the way forward will be discussed with the client.

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Dismantling of equipment

Special purpose equipment can be very effective for one particular project, but inefficient for other projects. And some dedicated knowledge about tools & equipment needs to be confidential. Therefore CDP could support with the full dismantlement of your equipment with our own engineer and equipment. Being dismantle, cleaning, conserving for stockpiling in or outdoors ( CDP yard or own yard) or in case of being useless/obsolete to be recycled.

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Services - Dismantling of equipment
Services - Engineering of new equipment with used parts

Engineering of new equipment with used parts

In close cooperation with our own engineering team CDP is able to design new tools & equipment based on the client’s specifications and the used parts.

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Recycling of useless parts

CDP can support clients with recycling of useless parts by sending these parts to a recycling company. With increasing volumes CDP could set up framework agreements with these company to collect useless parts on an regular basis

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Services - Recycling of useless parts
  • Specific Dredging knowledge
    Both of the ships, equipment, but also the operational knowledge of dredging.
  • Extensive Network
    Suppliers, consultants, contractors and shipyards and logistics solutions.
  • Engineering services
    For new engineered products from existing components.